Originally founded in 2001 as an audio design and development company, iASUS Concepts provided custom services for a wide range of clients seeking innovative, design-driven audio products. Soon extending beyond the scope of audio, iASUS developed a unique approach to product creation that allowed us to provide expert solutions in applications as varied as consumer electronics, travel, airsoft, and paintball in addition to customized audio solutions.

One such customized solution was the original iASUS Noise Terminator, which we developed for a motorcycle race team. Our Noise Terminator transponder technology has since continued to expand into other specialized applications. Currently in its 3rd generation, the Noise Terminator sets the standard for throat mic communication. With the introduction of the iPhone-compatible NT3 Throat Mic headset in 2009 and our recent extended compatibility to the iPhone 4 to 6, Blackberry, Samsung and other mobile devices, iASUS is continuing to expand the applications of Noise Terminator technology.

Also introduced in 2009 was the 500K Headset Series, which was designed specifically for mobile communications “power users” who require durability and comfort for extended hands-free communication. The 500K joined a continuously expanding iASUS lineup of communications solutions including the NT3 Throat Mics, the GP3 Motorcycle Communications Headset, the iASUS Mobile Amp, and the XSound series of helmet speakers.

Now iASUS is entering a new decade of evolution with plans for innovative new accessories, a new series of headset devices, and a continued dedication to technological advancement and innovation.

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