The IASUS M2 adaptors are compatible with all NT3/GP3 series model throat mics. The new design features CNC aluminium PTT body with standard connector for external PTT options. Individually engineered specifically for most popular 2-way radios brands and smartphone devices.


Previous generation modular adaptor for NT3/GP3 series with external finger PTT connector and VOX option. Currently being phased out and replaced with the M2-100.


iPhone 3.5mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F, IA-M2ADP-F) (click to expand)


All Models

All generations of iPhone including 6 and 6 Plus


Samsung single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F, IA-M2ADP-F) (click to expand)



Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Galaxy, Nexus S, i9000


LG 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F, IA-M2ADP-F) (click to expand)


All Models

Optimus 2


Harley Davidson Adaptor



Midland dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-B, IA-M2ADP-B) (click to expand)


All Models

LXT360, GXT750, GXT900, G300M, LXT303, GXT400, LXT410, LXT114/114P, LXT319, GXT565, GXT771, LXT365, GXT756, GXT950, GXT1000, LXT490VP3, LXT305, GXT444, LXT330, GXT710, GXT250, LXT320, GXT775, LXT376, GXT757, GXT1050, LXT310, GXT450, LXT335, GXT720, GXT800, G223, LXT435, LXT210, GXT255, LXT322, GXT635, GXT500, LXT340, GXT735, GXT808, G225, LXT440, LXT216, GXT300, LXT323, GXT650, GXT785, GXT200, LXT380VP3, GXT760VP4, LXT345, GXT740, GXT850, G226, LXT460, LXT276, LXT324, GXT656, LXT110, GXT550, LXT350, G227, LXT480, GXT325, GXT661, LXT385VP3, LXT112, LXT80, LXT318, GXT555

LXT490, LXT328, GXT700, GXT797, CXT250, XT26, GXT225, XT27, GXT799, CXT280, LXT420, LXT118, XT14, GXT600, GXT991, LXT500, XT28, XT18, GXT781, LXT380, GXT760, LXT100, GXT1091, LXT535, LXT312, XT30, XT20, LXT101, LXT560, LXT315, GXT5000, XT511, GXT310, XT24, GXT789, LXT385, GXT2000, LXT600, LXT316, GXT745, GXT881, LXT300, GXT795, CXT240, XT25, LXT326, GXT2050

Midland dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-COB) (click to expand)


XT series radios, CB radios


Motorola 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AMS, IA-M2ADP-AMS) (click to expand)


Talkabout Series

MR 356R, T6300, T5300, SX800, FRS50, T7450, T5532, 7700, T5950, T4900, MJ270R, EM, T6600, T5428, SX500, MB 140R, FV800, 6100, T5710, T4502, XTR446, MR350, T6310, T5320, RT210, T5550, SX900, FRS60, T8500, 270, 7800, T6200, T4905, MJ430R, EM1000, T7000, T5432, SX600, MC 220R, FY500, 6700, T5720, T4508, MR351, T6320, T5400, T9500, 280, T5600, SX920, FV200, T6210, T500, MR, EM1000R, T7100, T550, SX70, MH, 6800, T5725, T4525, T5410, MRMC 225R, T6400, T9600, 5512, T5620, T280, FV300, MR 350R, T6220, T5000, EM102RO, T7150, T5500, SX700, MH 230R, 6900, T5800, T4550, T6500, T5412, MS, FV500, T9680RSAME, 5520, T5625, T289, MR 350R VP, T6222, T5200, FR50, T7200, T5522, SX700R, T4700R, MJ, 7300, T5820, T6530, T5420, Spirit GT, MS 35R, FV600, Talkabout 280, 5900, T5628, T4300, MR 355R, T6250, T5260, FR60, T7400, T5530R, SX750, T5920, T4800, MJ 270R, 7600, T6550, T5422, Spirit GT+, FV700, 6000, T5700, T4500

Motorola single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CIAM) (click to expand)


TETRA Series

MTP850, MTH600, MTH650, MTH800, MTH850

Motorola dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AMD, IA-M2ADP-AMD) (click to expand)


Professional Series

XTN600, GP350, RDV5100, P1225, XV1100, CP300, RDU2080, GP300, CP110, MV12C, VL50, BPR40, P1225LS, XV1400, CP88, RDU2080D, GP308, CP150, MV21C, SP10, BR250, P200, XV2100, CT120, RDU4100, GTI, CP185, MV22CV, XU1100, SP21, MU11C, XT420, CLS110, CT150, P450, RDU4160, XU2100, GTX, CP200, P040, RDM2020, SP50, MU21CV, GP68, DTR410, XT460, CLS1110, CT250, HT850, RDV2020, XU2600, CP220, P080, RDM2070D, GP2000, XTN446, CLS1410, MU22CV, DTR550, CT450, PR400, RDV2080D, P110, XU4100, CP240, RDU2020, GP280, DTR650, XTN500, CP100, MV11C, GP88, LTS2000, CT450LS, VL130, PRO3150

Motorola multi-pin (YJSN-3101) (click to expand)

Professional Series

MTX9250, HT1250LS, MTX8250, PRO5150, MTX950, GP360, HT1550, MTX8250LS, PRO7150, GP380, HT1550XLS, GP320, MTX850, GP1280, PRO9150, GP640, HT750, GP328, MTX850LS, GP140, GP338, GP680, GP340, HT1250

Motorola multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-MHT) (click to expand)


Professional Series + AT335 (adaptor)

GP900, XTS3500, MT2000, GP9000, XTS5000, MTX960, XTS1500, MTS2000, XTS2250, MTS838, XTS2500, PR1500, MTX-LS, MTX900, HT1000, XTS3000, JT1000, MTX8000, MTX9000, XTS3000 Astro, MT1500

Motorola multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-MTRBO) (click to expand)



DP4600, XPR 7380, APX7000SE, XPR 6350, DP3400, DGP4150, DP4601, XPR 7550, MTP850 S, DP3401, XPR 6380, DGP5050, XIR P8620, DP4800, XPR 7580, DP3600, XPR 6500, DGP5550, XiR P8628, DP4801, DP3601, XPR 6550, APX2000, DGP6150, XPR 4500, DP4400, XPR 6580, APX6000, DGP8050, XPR 6100, DP4401, XPR 7350, APX7000, MTP830 S, DGP8550, XPR 6300

Motorola 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F, IA-M2ADP-F) (click to expand)


Droid Razr

All Models


Kenwood dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CK, IA-M2ADP-CK) (click to expand)


US Series

TK3131 Freetalk XLS, TH25, TH47, Pro-Talk, TK270G, TK-2302VK, TH215, TK360, TK-3300, TH415, TK240D, TH26, TK320, TH48, Protalk TK2100, TK272, TK-2360, TH21AT, TK360G, TK-3300UP PROTALK, TH41AT, TK248, TH-F6A, TH27, TK340, TH55, Protalk TK2102, TK308, TH21BT, TK370, TK-3302UK, TH41BT, TK250, TK-2160, TK340D, TK-3160, TH28, TH77, TK3100 Protalk, TH22, TK370G, TK-3360, TH42, TK-2170, TK260, TK348, TK-3170, TH315, TK208, TH78, TK3101 Freetalk XL, TH225, FreeTalk, TK430, TH45, TK260G, TK-2300, TH-K20A, TK350, TK-3173, TH31AT, TK220, TH79, TH-D72A, TK3130 Protalk XLS, TH235, TH46, FreeTalk XL, TK431, TK270, TK-2300VP, TH205, TK353, TK-3230XLS PROTALK, TH31BT, TK240, THG71

Europe/Australian series

TK-3101, TK-380, UBZ-LH68 YE, TK-2107, TH-D7E(G2.0), TK-3107, TK-390, UBZ-LJ8 BE, TK-2140, TK-3140, TK-480, TK-260G(N)E, UBZ-LJ8 SLE, TH-F7E, TK-481, TH-22E, TK-270G(N)E, UBZ-LJ8 YE, TH-G71E, TH-42E, TK-280, VC-H1, TK-360G(N)E, UBZ-LH68 BE, TK-290, TK-370G(N)E, UBZ-LH68 SLE, TH-D7E


Cobra dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-COB) (click to expand)


CXR-125, PR955, MRHH330 PFLT, CXR-425, FRS105, FRS310, CXT-225, FRS235, MRHH425 LIVP, CXR-700, FRS110, FRS315, CXT-400, PR1000, CXR-725, FRS115, MR HH125, CXT-75, FRS250, PR1050, CXR-800, FRS120, PR900, CXT-90, FRS300, PR1100, CXR-825, FRS130, PR945, FRS305, PR2000, CXR-900, PR950, MRHH325 VP, FRS100, FRS307, CXR-925, FRS225

Cobra 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AGAR) (click to expand)


PR350, PR560, PR240, PR4200, PR3500, PR580, PR245, PR4250, FRS237, PR3550, PR590, PR3000, PR4300, PR3575, MRHH100, PR3100, PR4700, PR375, MRHH200, PR3175, CXT85, PR4750, FRS132, PR385, PR3180, PR550, PR237, PR4000


EF Johnson multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-MHT) (click to expand)


51SL, 5000, 5100, 511X, 512X, 514X, 518X

7700 Series: All models

AN/PRC-127EF Series : All models


Vertex multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AVTX) (click to expand)


All Models

VX520UD, VX200, VX500, VX510, VX520


Yaesu 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AYSU) (click to expand)


All Models

VX1R, VX10, VX5R, VX210, VX110, VXF1, FT10, VX2R, VX130, VXF2, FT40, VX300, VX150, VXF20, FT50, VX400, VX160, FT50R, VX410, VX180, FT60, VX420


ICOM single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CI-S) (click to expand)


ICOM dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CI, IA-M2ADP-CI) (click to expand)


IC-F4161 Series, F4S, 4088A, IC-F3000, F25, IC-T70E, F4021T, IC-F80, IC-4088A, F20, M5, IC-F3021T, F3S, F10, IC-F43TR, F4TR, ID-31A, IC-F3001, F3, F4026, IC-F9011 Series, IC-4101D, F21, U12, IC-F3026 S, F4, H2, F11, ID-80AD, IC-F3001 Series, F3021S, F43, IC-F9021 Series, IC-91A, F21S, U16, IC-F3103D, F4001, IC-F50V, H6, F11S, ID-U82, IC-F3002, F31, IC-F4000, F43G, IC-GM1600, IC-92AD, F22, F4002, IC-F3161, IC-3011, F14, ID-V80, IC-F3011, F33, IC-F4011 Series, F4G, IC-F14, F24, IC-F3161 Series, F4011, IC-F60V, IC-3011 Series, F14S, ID-V82, IC-F3021, F33G, IC-F4021, F4GS, 4008, F24S, IC-T70A, IC-F24, F4021, IC-F70, IC-4001 Series, F15, J12, IC-F3021S, F3GS

All Models

IC-F3G (reversed angle plug) with 2 screws F21, IC-F3G with reversed angle 2-pole plug, IC-F50, IC-F3G with reversed angle 3-pole plug, IC-F60, IC-F3G (reversed angle plug) with 2 screws F11


Garmin 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AGAR) (click to expand)


All Models

RINO 530HCX, RINO 110, RINO 610, RINO 120, RINO 650, RINO 130, RINO 520, RINO 520HCX, RINO 530


For PC dual mic earphone cable dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-D) (click to expand)


Any PC


For Xbox 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-E) (click to expand)


Cordless phones, Xbox