Finger PTT

An innovative IASUS original, the Finger PTT with finger-sleeve gives in-glove communications control to users who don’t have the free hand necessary to operate their mobile devices or a standard PTT.

Product No: IAGPX-PTT


M2-100 iPhone Adaptor With Finger PTT Configuration

New iPhone compatible Finger PTT brings fingertip push-to-talk functionality to the iPhone. Allows users to answer and end calls while riding without taking their hands from the handlebars or removing their gloves. Comes with finger sleeve.

Product No:


Magnesium PTT

Newly upgraded from aluminum to magnesium alloy, the new full-surface PTT is the very first PTT of its kind and is stronger and 20% lighter. Includes magnesium MOLLE-spec TIGER clip.

Product No: IASNP-PTTM