For questions on setting up your throat mic, important audio hazards, and solutions to common problems, please read through the Troubleshooting page.

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How do I set up my throat mic?

  1. Plug the throat mic into the PTT/VOX splitter using the mini DIN connectors.
  2. Plug the 3.5mm pin of the adaptor wire for your radio or phone into the PTT/VOX splitter. If you would like to use PTT, plug adaptor into the PTT jack on the PTT/VOX splitter. If you would like to use the VOX function, plug it into the VOX jack. Plug the other end of the adaptor into your device.
  3. Place the neck band around your neck. Position the transponder so that it sits flush to your neck.
  4. To use VOX mode, make sure your VOX-enabled radio or phone is set to VOX.
    Simply start speaking to activate transmission. If using a PTT, simply press the button on the splitter or PTT and talk. To receive, release the button. You should keep readjusting the throat strap and testing the unit until you find the “sweet spot.” Everybody has a “sweet spot” about 1/2 inch to 1 inch from the center of the throat that balances volume and clarity; when you find it, fasten the strap securely at the back. Positioning is different for everyone, depending on factors such as individual anatomy, voice quality, and amount of facial hair. Moving the transponder closer to your voice box at the center of your throat will boost the volume, but may cause distortion.

What is wrong with my iASUS product / Why is it not working?

Please visit our Troubleshooting page for solutions to the most common problems. If your question is still unanswered, you can contact your reseller’s customer support or contact us using our customer inquiry form.

What is the One Year Limited Warranty Program?

All IASUS throat mic systems come with a One Year Limited Warranty. In order to be eligible for warranty service the item must have been purchased from one of our authorized resellers and you must have registered your product within 12 months of purchase. You must RETAIN YOUR ORIGINAL PROOF OF PURCHASE to receive warranty service. For details, refer to our Warranty Registration page.

Need help choosing and buying an iASUS product?

Which throat mic is right for me?

Transponder Earpiece Accessories Popular Applications Special Features
Gen 3.0 NT Transponder, aluminum Acoustic Coil, clear Finger PTT, contour earpieces (clear), additional adaptors Recreational, professional multi-applications Flexible throat strap, braided cables, acoustic coil, magnetic break-away clasp, multi-adaptor options
Gen 3.0 NT Transponder, black Acoustic Coil, black Sniper MOLLE-spec Magnesium PTT, Finger PTT, contour earpieces (black), additional adaptors Recreational and professional tactical Reinforced flexible throat strap, braided cables, black acoustic coil, magnetic break-away clasp, multi-adaptor options, comes with magnesium Sniper PTT and Finger PTT (except for PC and phone versions)
Gen 3.0 NT Transponder, aluminum Xsound Helmet Speakers (removable, can be replaced with any mono or stereo 3.5mm headphones) Finger PTT Motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiling, extreme sports, racing, cycling Flexible throat strap, braided cables, high-fidelity helmet audio, magnetic break-away clasp, multi-adaptor options, comes with Finger PTT (except PC and phone versions)

Where can I buy iASUS products?

iASUS Concepts products are available from authorized resellers worldwide. In order to ensure the best customer and warranty service for your purchase, we recommend that you buy only from our authorized agents. Please contact us at to find the closest dealer in your region. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please email us at

Are iASUS products compatible with my phone/radio/device?

All current iASUS throat mics are compatible with most mobile phones (2.5 and 3.5mm jacks), PCs, some gaming consoles, and a wide variety of 2-way radio models. Please refer to our compatibility table for details. 500K Headset compatibilities can be found here.

Please note that better audio sources—such as higher-end radios—result in better communication. For radio users, we recommend pairing our headsets with higher-powered UHF radios. Certain low-end radios are not up to the performance specifications of our throat mics. If compatibility is a concern for you, iASUS also offers our own DualComm Radio that is fully compatible with all our headsets.

Are your products waterproof or water resistant?

The Magnesium Sniper PRO PTT switch and the premium volume cable for Xsound Helmet Speakers are waterproof. The Dual Comm Radio and XSound Helmet Speakers are water resistant, as are the main components of all iASUS throat microphones.

How durable are iASUS Throat Microphones?

iASUS Concepts Noise Terminator Throat Mics are custom-engineered for durability and reliability, and incorporate only the highest-quality materials. However, because the transponder is highly sensitive to force in order carry vibrations from the larynx, it is more susceptible to damage than other parts of the system. Users should be particularly careful with the transponder.

What is your return policy?

The return policy on our products is determined by the resellers.

Can I customize an NT3 system with different features and accessories?

The NT3, GP3/GP3-X2, and Black Ops 2 Throat Mics now feature increased customizability, but some special applications require other unique specifications. IASUS offers a customized systems service for customers seeking customized throat mics for advanced and special applications. If nothing on the market is quite what you are seeking in a throat microphone, please get in touch with us at

Do you want to know more about our technology?

When will iASUS Concepts develop a Bluetooth compatible headset?

The iASUS “Stealth” Bluetooth throat mic concept has been under development for some time, and the engineering and design team has been carefully evaluating its feasibility. Fully functional iASUS “Stealth” Bluetooth prototypes have been created, and we are about to begin testing. We welcome you to send feedback or comments to with the subject heading “Stealth Bluetooth Headset”, or if you wish to participate in our prototype testing.

Is there any risk to my hearing using a single-ear earpiece device?

In particularly noisy environments such as concerts and clubs, pairing your throat mic’s single-earpiece with an earplug in the opposite ear is a MUST. This is because in order to register sound, the brain processes the dominant sound level from either the left or right ear. That means that when using the NT3 or Black Ops 2 in a loud environment, the volume of the audio source needs to be louder than the external noise in order for your brain to “hear,” resulting in potential loss of hearing in high volume situations. Earplugs are also recommended for use in conjunction with the GP3/GP3-X2’s stereo helmet speakers while riding.

Will the transponder pick up whispered communications?

iASUS Noise Terminator throat microphones WILL pick up whispers, but their transmission quality depends on the quality of your radio. Recreational radio transmissions are generally not powerful enough. We suggest using a high-power professional grade radio and turning up the volume on it to successfully transmit whispers. Please keep in mind that in VOX mode, whispers might not be enough to trigger the transmission function.

How does throat microphone technology work?

iASUS Noise Terminator Throat Mics are different from conventional headset communication systems. Traditional boom microphone systems are based on acoustic induction from sound waves in the air. By contrast, iASUS Throat Microphones pick up voice signals via vibrations generated by the user’s larynx through a transponder that rests on just off the center of the throat. This way, our throat mic systems “eliminate” background noises by simply not picking them up, making tbe NT3 ideal for use in noisy environments and in situations where quiet, covert communication is necessary.

Some throat mics use a double-transponder design in which each transponder rests on either side of the throat. This is not ideal, because most people do not have perfectly symmetrical necks, which leads to an imbalance of the transmission wavelengths from each transponder and causes distortion. iASUS has engineered the NT3 with a single transponder that hits the “sweet spot” about 1 to 2 inches from the center of your throat.

What are the applications of throat technology?

Throat microphones were first used by tank crews and military pilots in WWII whose helmets and breathing apparatus made conventional microphones impossible to use. The technology has since advanced, improved, and expanded in its popularity and use. For more information, visit History of the Throat Mic and About Throat Mics on our About Us section.