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IASUS Concepts


iasus concepts prototype acoustic coil with stealth wireless throat mic


IASUS STEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT IASUS would like to thank everyone that participated in our STEALTH beta and pilot programs. The feedback we have received was positive
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iasus concepts stealth throat mic beta and pilot testers

Testing Completed: Stealth Beta and Pilot Testers

TESTING COMPLETED: STEALTH BETA AND PILOT TESTER Without disclosing too many details at this time, we can confirm that the STEALTH bluetooth headset system will be
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iasus concepts m2 adaptor

Introducing the IASUS M2 Modular Adapter Series

INTRODUCING THE IASUS M2 MODULAR ADAPTER SERIES The new IASUS M2 is reverse compatible with the NT3/GP3 series headsets and accessories. There is no longer the
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iasus concepts webbikeworld throat mic review


PRESS RELEASE: FEATURE ON WEBBIKEWORLD.COM SummaryThe IASUS GP3X2 helmet headset system is an extremely viable solution for those who do not need, or want all
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IASUS Concepts Introduces EAR3 Micro Amp

IASUS CONCEPTS INTRODUCES EAR3 MICRO AMP Nearly a decade since introducing the world’s first micro amp for portable devices, IASUS Concepts launches their new EAR3
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iasus concepts webbikeworld helmet speaker xsound 3

XSound 3 Review by webBikeWorld

XSOUND 3 REVIEW BY WEBBIKEWORLD Motorcycle gear review web site webBikeWorld recently wrote about our newest helmet speaker, the XSound 3. Check out what they have to say.
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iasus concepts stealth throat mic


STEALTH PILOT PROGRAM – IASUS CONCEPTS IASUS is offering pre-production units of the Stealth under the “Pilot” program. These units have been updated since our
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iasus concepts stealth throat mic pilot program

STEALTH Pilot Program Update

STEALTH PILOT PROGRAM UPDATE Original post on IASUS Concepts Corporate Site: IASUS Launches the STEALTH Pilot Program Limited Pre-Production Test Units for Select Customers: 2014-09-20
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iasus concepts helmet speaker

Teaser: IASUS XSound 3 Helmet Speakers

TEASER: IASUS XSOUND 3 HELMET SPEAKERS IASUS will be launching an all new XSound 3 helmet speaker in Q2 2014. As an industry leader in
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iasus concepts stealth throat mic update with acoustic coil earpiece

Stealth Update: New Features Added

STEALTH UPDATE: NEW FEATURES ADDED We would like to thank all the beta testers for their feedback and the Stealth Beta program which contributed a
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iasus concepts stealth throat mic update

Stealth Throat Mic Update – Key Specifications

STEALTH THROAT MIC UPDATE – KEY SPECIFICATIONS The final production modifications of the IASUS Stealth Bluetooth headset are almost complete and we are expecting product launch
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iasus concepts stealth bluetooth throat mic

First Look at Stealth Throat Mic Beta

FIRST LOOK AT STEALTH THROAT MIC BETA We would like to thank everyone that submitted an application for the Stealth Beta program. Applications are officially
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