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How to Use a Throat Microphone

How Does the NT3-R and GP3-R Throat Mic Work? IASUS Noise Terminator throat mics are different from conventional headset communication systems. Standard boom microphone systems are based on traditional acoustic induction from sound waves in the air. By contrast, NT3-R microphones pick up voice signals via vibrations generated by the user’s larynx through an aluminum [...]

How to Install Helmet Speakers

How Do I Properly Install the XSound Helmet Speakers for the Best Sound?  For proper installation, our XSound helmet speakers need to be touching your ears during use inside your helmet. You may use the included foam spacing pads to achieve this (XS3 only). We also recommend that the helmet speakers are mounted in a [...]

Available Now: EAR3 V2 Helmet Amp

[ultimate_heading main_heading="EAR3 V2 HELMET AMP"]THE VOLUME BOOST YOU NEED[/ultimate_heading] Kit Includes: + EAR3 V2 helmet amp + Helmet mount with 3m adhesive sticker + Charging cable + Extension cable (short – 5 inches) + Extension cable (long – 10 inches) + Built-in rechargeable lithium battery [PERFORMANCE] Transform your helmet speakers to scream with your favorite [...]

Webbikeworld | IASUS REKON With XSound 3 Headset Review

Reviewed by Bruce Cole at Webbikework Source: https://www.webbikeworld.com/iasus-rekon-helmet-bluetooth-system/ The IASUS REKON system is a personal helmet-based communication system designed to provide a wireless interface between the user and compatible paired smart devices that provide a host of communication and audio capabilities. And, when paired with a helmet audio headset, like the IASUS XSound 3, the [...]

Webbikeworld | IASUS Stealth Bluetooth Throat Microphone

Reviewed by Bruce Cole at Webbikework Source: https://www.webbikeworld.com/iasus-stealth-throat-microphone/ The IASUS Stealth Throat Microphone Headset System featuring Bluetooth 5.0 BLE is a new product in pre-release from a company that continues to set the standards for throat microphone performance and customization. It is arguably the industry’s first completely wireless modular system making it suitable and adaptable [...]

Mask Communication Solutions

Improving Masked Communication during COVID-19 IASUS Throat Mic Headset solution offers clear vocal communication for wearers of N95 and elastomeric masks, full-face respirators and PPE. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, professionals across a diverse range of industries—from first responders and medical professionals to retailers and service providers—have heeded the call to slow the spread of [...]

Healthcare Workers and First Responders Communication Solution

HEALTHCARE WORKERS & FIRST RESPONDERS COMMUNICATION SOLUTION With the rise of COVID-19 and the increased requirements for N95 masks, elastomeric masks and full faced respirator protection, critical communication has become a major issue as the restricted air masks limit voice and sound. Even when face to face, communication is ineffective. IASUS GP3-R throat mic paired [...]

IASUS STEALTH, Custom Critical Communication Headset Solution

BLUETOOTH THROAT MIC With the rise of COVID-19 and the increased requirements for N95 masks and full faced respirator protection, critical communication has become a major issue as the restricted air masks limit voice and sound. Even when face to face communication is ineffective when air flow is contained. We highly recommend the STEALTH to be used with the Sonim XP [...]

Sonim and IASUS Concepts Team Up

Sonim and IASUS Concepts Team Up to Launch Advanced and Customizable, Wireless and Wired Throat Microphones for XP8 and XP5s Handsfree Mobile Solution Helps Public Safety and Frontline Workers Stand Up to COVID-19 San Mateo, Calif. (April 22, 2020) — Sonim Technologies (Nasdaq: SONM) and IASUS Concepts have teamed up to provide public safety and frontline workers battling [...]

Medical / First Responder Priority of the STEALTH

Due to limited quantities of the STEALTH, IASUS is prioritizing sales for Medical and First Responders at this time. Please contact us at corporatesales@iasus-concepts.com to reserve your order as soon as possible.

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