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IASUS Concepts is a product design and engineering company with a business unit that provides headset communication solutions for extreme communications. With over 15 years of experience of creating bespoke custom headsets for critical communications, we have developed a complete line of products that are modular in design, to encompass a wide scope of accessories and configurations.

Our clients often request bespoke custom configurations for headsets and we have the resources to provide to their required specifications in terms of cable length, connectors and wiring. Our scope of engineering services includes mechanical, electronics, software and wireless design.

Our product lines of headset communication solutions were engineered specifically for vertical niche markets. Where our products excel in environments with extreme background noise and wind where electronic noise cancellation equipped headsets are not effective. Our products are also built with intelligent ergonomic designs and at a quality level that exceeds others offerings on the market.

Our clients include first responders, search and rescue, ERT, SWAT, Military, Security, Waste Management, Oil and Gas, Production Facilities, and also for medical research.

For standard modular products, we generally have stock so availability would be about one week. Custom orders will depend on the complexity of the request, but for general wiring or custom connections, it will generally takes about 6-8 weeks.

Stealth Wireless Throat Mic with Acoustic Coil Earpiece Option
Close up of the Finger PTT
M2-100 Headset with XP8 and Secondary Device
IASUS Sonim Adapter
Finger PTT Option
IASUS Sonim Adapter on XP8


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The IASUS product ethos is to develop innovative, purposeful products without constraints. We use the very best materials and technologies that are available to create extreme products. Even within the IASUS product lines, we continue to seek new ways to improve with new generations to keep up with today’s new technologies.

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