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Originally founded in 2001 as an audio design and development company, IASUS Concepts provided custom services for a wide range of clients seeking innovative, design-driven audio products. Soon extending beyond the scope of audio, IASUS developed a unique approach to product creation that allowed us to provide expert solutions in applications as varied as consumer electronics, travel, airsoft, and paintball in addition to customized audio solutions.

One such customized solution was the original IASUS Noise Terminator, which we developed for a motorcycle race team. Our Noise Terminator transponder technology has since continued to expand into other specialized applications. Currently in its 3rd generation, the Noise Terminator sets the standard for throat mic communication. With the introduction of the iPhone-compatible NT3 Throat Mic headset in 2009 and our recent extended compatibility to the iPhone 4 to 13, Blackberry, Samsung and other mobile devices, IASUS is continuing to expand the applications of Noise Terminator technology.

Also introduced in 2009 was the 500K Headset Series, which was designed specifically for mobile communications “power users” who require durability and comfort for extended hands-free communication. The 500K joined a continuously expanding IASUS lineup of communications solutions including the NT3 Throat Mics, the GP3 Motorcycle Communications Headset, the IASUS Mobile Amp, and the XSound series of helmet speakers.

Now IASUS is entering a new decade of evolution with plans for innovative new accessories, a new series of headset devices, and a continued dedication to technological advancement and innovation.

To inquire more about IASUS Concepts or any of our products, please contact us.



IASUS was created in 2001 and the Octave 2.1 active audio speaker system was it’s first product concept.  Utilizing materials such as stainless steel and textured ABS, the Octave’s stunning design concept redefined the category.

Gen 1 Noise Terminator (NT)

IASUS launched the Noise Terminator (NT) series throat mic headset for mobile phones and two way radios. The worlds first throat mic for mobile phones.  Sleek minimalist design solution for communication in extreme conditions. Officially introduced at Laguna Seca during Moto GP.


XSound helmet speaker was introduced for motorcycle audio. Was the first dedicated helmet speaker for audio quality and then began a new aftermarket helmet audio.


IASUS Noise Terminator 2 introduces the acoustic coil earpiece to our NT series and expands the applications from mobile phones to professional 2 way radios. The new discreet look brought the NT2 into the covert communication market.  Started to offer custom configurations for specialized customers. Second generation transponder had improvements in sound quality which kept IASUS as the leader in throat mic communication technology.


Sniper Pro series tactical throat mic series headset was the new halo headset for IASUS. Dual transponders, custom earpieces for acoustic coil, throat strap and heavy duty cable made it the choice for professional tactical communication.

XSound 2 helmet speakers took IASUS to a new level of audio performance. Hands down the best audio in the category and delivered remarkable bass and clarity normally only available for audio phone headphones. Completely transforms the audio experience in helmets.


IASUS introduces the new NT3/GP3 throat mic communication modular system for multi purpose applications. GP3 was designed to have a variable 3.5mm universal audio output for stereo helmet speakers or custom audio such as earbuds or custom headsets. Third generation redesigned transponders are now steel with new tactical finishing. New magnetic detachable clasp and adjustable flexible strap and modular adapter design with multiple PTT options now make this series headset even more interchangeable for user needs and requirements. First introduction of our trademark ultra heavy duty braided Kevlar reinforced cables.


XSound J Helmet Speaker

Entry level speakers for customers on a budget.  Great basic helmet speaker for those that just want to connect to their ipod and mp3 players.

500K headset was the designed to the strongest covert headset in the world.  With heavy duty reinforced Kevlar reinforced cables and a PTT rated for 500,000 activations, the 500K was an extreme headset built to last beyond any others on the market.


Micro AMP was originally the world’s smallest mini portable amplifier for headphones and earphones. Created to deliver proper acoustic volume from portable music devices with reduced volume outputs due to the need for extended operation times. When paired with the original XSound helmet speakers, there was no comparison for helmet audio sound. The Micro Amp has it’s distinct ultra smooth large aluminum volume control for true analog control.


Sniper Pro 2 with Gen 3 IASUS throat transponder technology is our most advanced wired heavy duty throat mic communication headset. Kevlar reinforced expandable cable with our own tactical Magnesium PTT design and bespoke custom fitment options, make the Sniper Pro 2 the only option for those that need the best. Mil STD 810 and IP 66 rated.

XSound 3 Helmet Speaker

The pinnacle of IASUS audio helmet speaker design.  Acoustically tuned CNC aluminum housing to deliver unbelievable audio performance in a 1cm thick driver. Turn your helmet into a high definition music experience.

Magnesium PTT was inspired by motorsport. 30% lighter than aluminum, IASUS was and still is the only company in the world to use such advanced materials in their headset design. Mollie standard clip with dome shaped to allow for both glove and tactical operation.

EAR3 was the evolution of the Micro AMP. Maintaining the small micro sized fantastic analog audio amplification from the original, but now with the addition of full variable situational awareness. The EAR3 was designed to be used with noise isolation / cancellation headsets and still be able to hear the environment electronically at the volume level you need.


NT3-R and GP3-R series updates the aesthetics to match the Sniper Pro 2 headset series and now has a new softer removable neck strap for cleaning.   Black and clear acoustic coils and new optional earpieces allow for better fit and comfort along with situational awareness applications. Also new sleek lightweight all aluminum modular M2 adapter series while maintaining the ultra heavy duty braided cable system.


XSound 2.1

New entry level helmet speaker from IASUS that delivers exceptional audio quality.   Steel acoustically tuned body and finished in matt black. The perfect upgrade for those with standard comm speaker.


M2-100 headset is our new concept and design for the most comfortable and yet durable headset in the world. Connected with our braided Kevlar reinforced cables, machined aluminum PTT body and our new G2 acoustic coil for increased listening volume, the M100 is an impressive kit for those that require serious communication.

Stealth Wireless BT4.0 Throat Mic


Stealth Wireless BT5.0 Throat Mic

The first true wireless throat mic headset in the world. Modular and customizable for virtually any communication situation. New ergonomic design that uses revolutionary combination of materials, to create a new form factor for comfort and stability, under the most extreme communication conditions.

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