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IASUS Concepts has been developing a new motorsport communication system that utilizes new background noise reduction technology currently used by helicopter pilots. This new technology allows the rider to hear clearly without damage to the ear, even under the loudest environmental conditions, which is one of the major issues in motorsport communication. Paired with our throat mics, the result is an exceptional solution that overcomes the traditional motorsport communication problem of extreme background noise caused by high speed winds. Our motorsport solution is a custom application specific program.

Motorcycle Racing

IASUS Concepts has been developing specialized communication systems for professional motorcycle teams. Our throat mic systems have been enabling motorcycle riders to reliably and effectively communicate with their pit crew even under extreme racing conditions. In professional racing, clear communication is key to success.

In the event of an accident or emergency, pit crews can instantly relay information to the rider who is able to take the appropriate precautions. During a race, track conditions are constantly changing and there are always many factors to consider. By putting our throat mics to the test in a real racing environment, we are able to learn a great deal about the effects of environmental stress on the rider as well as the communication equipment. As a result, our engineers have taken what we have learned on the race track and incorporated them in our Noise Terminator communication system.

Auto Racing

IASUS Concepts has been developing specialized communication systems for professional race teams. Our throat mic systems have been thoroughly tested in racing conditions. Our experience on the track has taught us a great deal in throat mic designs and manufacturing.

To inquire more about our motorsport program and our custom throat mic communication systems, please contact us.

Motorcycle Schools

Motorcycle schools use communication systems to enhance the riding experience by enabling instructors and students to communicate while on the road. The IASUS Concepts wireless intercom system that connects the instructor and students with no limit range, allowing them to communicate with each other through built-in microphones and speakers. This allows the instructor to provide real-time feedback and instructions to the students, which can help improve the overall learning experience. The communication system also allows students to communicate with each other, which can help them to better understand the dynamics of riding in a group.

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