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XSound 4 Helmet Speaker

helmet speaker xsound 4 iasus compatible with sena and cardo

where innovation meets acoustic perfection.
Immerse yourself in the future of helmet sound technology.


AF Technology for Perfect Speaker Positioning

Introducing the IASUS XSound 4, a revolutionary leap in helmet audio. Our new Acoustic Flex (AF) technology solves the age-old issue of speaker positioning in helmets. Ensuring optimal acoustics, AF allows the helmet speaker to rest precisely on the surface of the ear. Even with the natural sliding of helmets, the AF cover, made of an incredibly thin and soft material, molds and positions itself to your ear’s shape without additional pressure. Experience perfect positioning for hassle-free and comfortable listening.
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The AF helmet speaker cover technology not only ensures proper acoustics but also molds and positions itself to the unique shape of your ear without applying extra pressure. This innovative design guarantees a comfortable and personalized fit, providing an optimal listening experience every time.
iasus concepts xsound 4 helmet speaker with af tech covers
iasus concepts af speaker covers compressed soft

Minimal Audio Loss

Our Acoustic Flex helmet speaker cover technology not only ensures proper acoustics but also molds and positions itself to the unique shape of your ear without applying extra pressure. This innovative design guarantees a comfortable and personalized fit, providing an optimal listening experience every time.
iasus concepts xsound 4 helemt speaker with af tech covers

True Hi Def Audio

IASUS, a pioneer of true Hi Def speakers for helmets, continues its legacy with the XSound 4. With over 15 years of expertise, we have perfected Hi Def sound application for helmets. Our speakers boast an exceptionally thin profile while delivering a wide bass range that surpasses many full-sized speakers. Experience audio quality that stands unmatched in the industry.


The new XSound 4 showcases a fresh design along with our new AF covers. Aluminum housing finished in a new anodized black finish with matte bronze speaker covers complete the redesign of form matching function.

best helmet speaker with high definition audio - iasus xsound 4 helmet speaker
helmet speakers inside a helmet - iasus concepts xsound 4 and veldt helmet

Features at a Glance

  • True Hi Def Audio
  • Optimized for IASUS Rekon Comm system
  • Acoustic tuned CNC chassis
  • Custom Kevlar wires
  • AF cover technology for minimal audio loss
  • New black finish with matte bronze highlights
  • 3.5mm Audio Out
  • New USB-C audio out cable for smartphones
  • Ear Unfolding Tab for personalized comfort

Ear Unfolding Tab for Personalized Comfort

Each package includes a custom tool, allowing users to position their ears optimally when the helmet is on. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the overall listening experience. (included with the XSound 4)

AF tech covers for helmet speaker - iasus xsound 4 helmet speaker

Customer Reviews

A Game Changer!
A Game Changer!
Mark T.
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The XSound 4 is a game-changer! The sound quality is incredible, and the AF tech covers adapts so naturally to my ears. I've never experienced such immersive audio on my rides. Kudos to IASUS for this outstanding product!
Big Improvement
Big Improvement
Chris A.
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I'm genuinely impressed by the revolutionary Acoustic Flex technology. It's like the speakers were custom-made for my ears. The comfort and sound quality are top-notch, making my rides an absolute joy. IASUS has truly outdone themselves with the XSound 4!
Definitely Hi Def
Definitely Hi Def
Chris A.
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The Acoustic Flex cover on the XSound 4 ensures a tailored, comfortable fit. It feels like the speakers were designed specifically for me. Riding with these speakers is a pleasure, and IASUS has nailed it with this innovative and comfortable audio solution.
Great Quality
Great Quality
Jessica T.
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IASUS has elevated helmet audio to a whole new level with the XSound 4. The Hi Def speakers create a pure audio bliss, enhancing my rides and blocks out wind! It's like having a concert in my helmet, and I can't recommend these speakers enough to fellow riders.


Rekon Helmet Comm System

Stealth Wireless Throat Mic

EAR3H Helmet Amplifier

Ear Unfolding Tab Keychain

iasus concepts waterproof helmet speaker comfy covers

Water Resistant Plush Covers

Foam Spacing Pads

Thin Velcro Adhesives

XSound Premium Covers

Technical Specifications

+ Max Power – 25 mW
+ Impedence – 60 Ohm
+ Frequency Range – 20Hz – 22kHz
+ Sensitivity – 125dB
+ Weight – 34g (1.2oz)
+ HD Audio – Full range hi-def sound
+ Dimensions: 45mm drivers tuned and packaged in a thin lightweight aluminum chassis (0.99cm/0.39″ thin, 34g/1.2oz)
+ Compatibility – 3.5mm pin
+ Connector – Gold plated connectors for increased audio performance
+ Wire Lengths – Kevlar reinforced wires for superior durability Left wire length: 40cm Right wire length: 20cm


For proper installation, our XSound helmet speakers need to be touching your ears during use inside your helmet. You may use the included foam spacing pads to achieve this (XS3 only).

We also recommend that the helmet speakers are mounted in a more forward and lower position in the ear pockets to accommodate your ears more effectively.

Failure to do the above may cause damage to the speakers – the main cause being the volume gets turned up past acceptable levels to compensate for any wind and engine noise introduced by any gaps.

It is recommended to test and connect the helmet speakers directly to your smartphone or music player first using the 3.5mm cable and holding them to your ears as your music plays to confirm the optimal position before mounting them in your helmet.

Certain brands of helmet and headgear are designed for a tighter fit and may not accommodate our speakers. Please determine whether your helmet can comfortably accommodate the extra 1/2 inch of helmet speaker on each side before your purchase.

Try connecting the helmet speaker directly into a smartphone or music player and play at the same volume. If the crackling or popping disappears, your motorcycle headset or Bluetooth receiver is likely the cause. They tend to not support low-frequency outputs because typically their stock speakers do not deliver audio in that range.

While our XSound series of helmet speakers are designed and tested to be able to play at max volume on smartphones and music players without distortion, IASUS does not recommend listening to music at excessive levels which may lead to temporary or permanent hearing damage. Please proceed with caution.

As the XSound’s quality makes them the ideal choice to replace the stock speakers which motorcycle headsets come with, we are unable to confirm the compatibility with every model of motorcycle headsets (and Bluetooth receivers) out on the market.

Please use the foam pads (XSound 3 only) to position the speakers so they sit flush against your ears the same way you held them on your ears before installing them in your helmet.

For tight fitting helmet enclosures, volume level and sound quality of your XSound 3 may be diminished if the ears get folded after putting on your helmet. When this happens, the audio does not have a direct path to your ears, hence the reduced volume and poor sound quality. Since it is difficult to access your ears due to the tight fit of your helmet, we included a Tab that was specifically to reach that are through either the space from your visor (when opened) or from the bottom of your helmet. The thin tab should be able to reach and be able to position your ears correctly. Also note that to optimize the sound quality of the Xsound 3, the speakers need to sit flush and directly on the ears. Sometimes, pending how you pivot the helmet the ear cavities are not aligned properly with your ears and that may also affect your audio experience. In order to benchmark the audio, we recommend that you listen to the helmet speakers on your ears directly prior to installation to have a feel for the sound and volume levels. The Xsound 3 package also includes a key ring for the Helmet Speaker Tab so that it can conveniently double as a great motorcycle key holder. This way you won’t forget to bring it or loose it when you are riding.

Due to global requirements for RoHs compliance, unfortunately, products have a shelf life these days as cables need to be bio degradable. Our headsets are no exception so over time the cable material will break down. This is the same for all wired headsets from Bose or Sony as well.