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STEALTH Bluetooth Throat Mic


Please advise that shipping of the STEALTH will take approximately an extra 2-3 days.

Stealth throat mics are made to order and it is processed manually by a member of our IASUS team. Please contact us to place your order

Stealth + Acoustic Coil Earpiece


Stealth + Extreme Noise Reduction Earmolds & Earbuds


Stealth + IA Earbuds


Stealth + Xsound 4 Helmet Speaker

$458 ($498)

Stealth + Xsound 3 Helmet Speaker


Stealth + Xsound 2.1R Helmet Speaker


Stealth + 3.5mm Earpiece Module


Base Unit


Carbon Fiber Limited Edition + 3.5mm Earpiece Module


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Stealth Accessories

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STEALTH Highlights

Gen 4 Transponder

Technology with custom audio software enhancements that bring the sound quality of the STEALTH to a new standard comparable to traditional mics.

HD Audio Performance

A2DP and aptX high definition audio profiles.

Easy Access Controls

The Stealth setup is focused on one primary control with two secondary controls which can support basic communication, audio playback and even custom applications such as PTT control.

Enhanced Communication

Communicate with anyone, anywhere with our integrated Zello comms.

Voice Assistant

Activate voice assistant. Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

Always Find Your Way

Turn by turn navigation with the most popular navigation apps like Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Extraordinary Audio

10dB boost with < 0.3% harmonic distortion

Safety Quick Release Clasp

An IASUS design for a secure, fast engagement clasp, with safety break-away when pulled with excessive force. Simple ergonomic application, without any compromise to functionality. 

Red Bull Racing KTM with IASUS Concepts

KTM Red Bull Moto GP Team Collaboration

The KTM Red Bull Moto GP race team had very specific requirements due to the extreme conditions and time sensitive nature of their work. Like the race team, performance is dependent

Red Bull Racing KTM MotoGP and IASUS Concepts Stealth Wireless Bluetooth Throat Mic

Custom Team Communication System

Sepang February 2023, IASUS conducted a communications test in collaboration with RED bull to test the IASUS Stealth throat mic headset under extreme conditions. IASUS was asked by Red Bull to provide a custom race team communication system that meets their needs.

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