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Elevating communication to the next level

BLUETOOTH 5.0 Wireless Throat Mic

Pioneering a New Era

Welcome to the forefront of innovation with the Stealth Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Throat Mic. As trailblazers in communication technology, we’ve set out to redefine the standards, introducing a device that transcends the ordinary and adapts to your unique needs.

iasus concepts acoustic coil earpiece steath wireless throat mic

Designing Excellence

At the heart of the Stealth is a commitment to excellence in communication. Our mission was to craft a modular headset system that stands as a testament to precision and ingenuity. We’ve designed it with the utmost care to deliver superior microphone audio quality, providing you with an unrivaled level of performance in throat mic technology.

iasus concepts earpiece options for stealth wireless throat mic

Innovation at Its Core

The Stealth isn’t just another communication device; it’s a revolution. It’s the first true wireless throat mic headset globally, and it’s fully modular, making it suitable for virtually any communication scenario. Its ergonomic design combines revolutionary materials to provide unmatched comfort and stability, even in the most challenging communication conditions.


The Stealth incorporates IASUS Gen 4 Transponder Mic Technology, enhanced with custom audio software, setting a new standard for throat mic sound quality.


We focus on providing the ultimate user interface, partnering with leading 2-way radio app providers over high-speed data networks for limitless communication.
Red Bull Racing KTM MotoGP - IASUS Concepts Stealth throat mic
iasus concepts stealth throat mic glove compatible buttons for volume and voice assistant


Paired with smartphones, the STEALTH offers a multitude of functions and features. The Stealth setup centers around one primary control with two secondary controls to support basic communication, audio playback, and custom applications like PTT control.


Stay on track with audio navigation, even when you can’t access the map. The Stealth lets you run navigation apps seamlessly.

Wireless Music

Enjoy effortless control over your music with the wireless system, ensuring a smooth, hands-free experience.

Compatible with Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc….

iasus concepts stealth throat mic earpiece options

Stealth Mode

For covert tactical operations, easily configure the STEALTH into “dark mode,” replacing the standby LED light cover with an opaque option, rendering the unit entirely matte black with no reflective surfaces.

Magnetic Clasp

Our innovative magnetic clasp design ensures a secure, rapid engagement, with a safety break-away feature for your peace of mind. It’s simple and ergonomic without compromising functionality.


The Stealth’s unique ergonomic design was the result of years of valuable feedback from our customers. It’s designed to accommodate various communication needs, even under extreme conditions.

iasus concepts stealth throat mic black background


3.5mm Earpiece Module

Acoustic Coil Earpiece Module

IA Waterproof -25dB Earbuds

IA Extreme Noise Reduction Earmolds

Carry Case

Neck Strap


Wireless PTT

Wireless push to talk button.
ble wireless dual ptt

Wireless Finger PTT

Wireless finger push to talk button.

Choose Your Setup

Basic Kit

Rekon with the XSound 2.1R Helmet Speaker.

Basic Kit

Rekon with the XSound 2.1R Helmet Speaker.

Basic Kit

Rekon with the XSound 2.1R Helmet Speaker.

Basic Kit

Rekon with the XSound 2.1R Helmet Speaker.

Technical Specifications

+ Wireless – Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
+ Talk Time – 10 hours, standby 250 hours
+ Multipoint Pairing – Pair with multiple devices
+ Audio Amplification – 10dB boost with < 0.3% harmonic distortion
+ Transponder Sensitivity – -46dB +/- 3dB
+ Water Resistant – IP-66 water resistance – non submersive applications
+ Audio Profiles – A2DP and aptX HD audio
+ MIL-STD 810
+ Power output – Up to 35mW per channel
+ Charge time- 2.5 hours
+ Battery – Internal Li Ion Polymer battery.
+ Charge Port – micro usb