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XSound 3 Helmet Speaker

This finely-tuned masterpiece houses IASUS’s dynamically tuned audio drivers, ensuring the projection of the fullest and clearest sounds imaginable.

Elevate Your Helmet Audio Experience

Precision in Design and Sound

Discover audio perfection within the sleek, hyper-lightweight CNC-machined aluminum body of the XSound 3. This meticulously crafted design provides an ultra-thin yet robust acoustically tuned housing, ensuring the IASUS dynamically tuned audio drivers project the fullest and clearest sounds imaginable.

Audiophile-Grade Audio

Solid, clean bass and crisp highs redefine your auditory experience, placing the XSound 3 in a league that rivals the best full-sized headphones on the market. Immerse yourself in the original intended audio quality.
audio flow helmet speaker
xsound 3 helmet speaker

Seamless Integration - Ultra-Slim Chassis

Thanks to its low-profile exterior, the XSound 3 effortlessly fits inside almost any helmet. At just 0.39 inches (9.9mm) thin and with a compact 1.77-inch (45mm) diameter, it marries style with substance for a harmonious experience.

Engineering Excellence

Designed, produced, and assembled with the utmost precision, the XSound 3 not only looks exquisite but performs with unparalleled accuracy. The hyper-lightweight aluminum body adds to the visual allure while maintaining durability.

Lightweight Marvel

Experience the seamless integration of practicality and power with the compact and portable design of the EAR3H Helmet Amplifier. Its simplicity and versatility make it suitable for all helmets, allowing you to effortlessly transfer the amp between your gear whenever you desire.

helmet speaker
3.5mm audio plug for helmet speakers compatible with sena and cardo

Kevlar Wiring for Clean Installation

The behind-the-head wiring configuration allows users to tuck the Kevlar-reinforced cables seamlessly behind the helmet lining. This results in a clean and tidy installation, ensuring an unobstructed riding experience.

Constructed with high-end robust materials, the XSound 3 meets the demands of extreme sports such as skydiving, hang gliding, paragliding, wingsuit flying, and more. The durability ensures longevity, no matter your adventure.

Effortless Installation and Removal

Experience hassle-free installation in less than 5 minutes. The included Velcro mounts make removal a breeze. The direct 3.5mm pin is universally compatible with most communication devices, smartphones, and MP3 players. Enjoy a tailored fit with an array of differently sized spacing pads. These pads optimize the position of helmet speakers, ensuring optimal audio delivery without compromising comfort.
helmet speaker velcro and spacers

Ear Unfolding Tab for Personalized Comfort

Each package includes a custom tool, allowing users to position their ears optimally when the helmet is on. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the overall listening experience. (Ear Unfolding Tab sold separately [here].)
ear unfolding stick tab keychain for helmets

Customer Testimonial

Best Helmet Speakers Ever
Best Helmet Speakers Ever
Jonathan S.
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I'm lovin' my XSound 3! The speakers fit snug, and the sound quality is pretty darn good. IASUS did a good job with these. If you want speakers that won't disappoint, go for the XSound 3. Thumbs up from this happy rider!
Jessica R.
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OMG, the XSound 3 is unbelievably awesome! The sound is like, whoa! It's like having a concert in my helmet, seriously. IASUS, you guys rock for making these speakers. 5 stars all the way!
All IASUS Speakers are d*** good!
All IASUS Speakers are d*** good!
Roger W.
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The XSound 3 delivers solid performance. The sound is clear, and the speakers fit comfortably in my helmet. While not perfect, they offer good value for the money. If you're looking for reliable helmet speakers, give the XSound 3 a try.
Complete Game Changer
Complete Game Changer
Steve C.
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The XSound 3 is a game-changer! The audio quality is mind-blowing, and it takes my riding experience to a whole new level. IASUS has nailed it with these speakers. I can't recommend them enough!


Rekon Helmet Comm System

Stealth Wireless Throat Mic

EAR3H Helmet Amplifier

Ear Unfolding Tab Keychain

iasus concepts waterproof helmet speaker comfy covers

Water Resistant Plush Covers

Foam Spacing Pads

Thin Velcro Adhesives

XSound Premium Covers

Technical Specifications

+ Max Power – 25 mW
+ Impedence – 60 Ohm
+ Frequency Range – 20Hz – 22kHz
+ Sensitivity – 125dB
+ Weight – 34g (1.2oz)
+ HD Audio – Full range hi-def sound
+ Compatibility – Angled 3.5mm pin
+ Connector – Gold plated connectors for increased audio performance
+ Wire Lengths – Kevlar reinforced wires for superior durability Left wire length: 40cm Right wire length: 20cm


For proper installation, our XSound helmet speakers need to be touching your ears during use inside your helmet. You may use the included foam spacing pads to achieve this (XS3 only).

We also recommend that the helmet speakers are mounted in a more forward and lower position in the ear pockets to accommodate your ears more effectively.

Failure to do the above may cause damage to the speakers – the main cause being the volume gets turned up past acceptable levels to compensate for any wind and engine noise introduced by any gaps.

It is recommended to test and connect the helmet speakers directly to your smartphone or music player first using the 3.5mm cable and holding them to your ears as your music plays to confirm the optimal position before mounting them in your helmet.

Certain brands of helmet and headgear are designed for a tighter fit and may not accommodate our speakers. Please determine whether your helmet can comfortably accommodate the extra 1/2 inch of helmet speaker on each side before your purchase.

Try connecting the helmet speaker directly into a smartphone or music player and play at the same volume. If the crackling or popping disappears, your motorcycle headset or Bluetooth receiver is likely the cause. They tend to not support low-frequency outputs because typically their stock speakers do not deliver audio in that range.

While our XSound series of helmet speakers are designed and tested to be able to play at max volume on smartphones and music players without distortion, IASUS does not recommend listening to music at excessive levels which may lead to temporary or permanent hearing damage. Please proceed with caution.

As the XSound’s quality makes them the ideal choice to replace the stock speakers which motorcycle headsets come with, we are unable to confirm the compatibility with every model of motorcycle headsets (and Bluetooth receivers) out on the market.

Please use the foam pads (XSound 3 only) to position the speakers so they sit flush against your ears the same way you held them on your ears before installing them in your helmet.

For tight fitting helmet enclosures, volume level and sound quality of your XSound 3 may be diminished if the ears get folded after putting on your helmet. When this happens, the audio does not have a direct path to your ears, hence the reduced volume and poor sound quality. Since it is difficult to access your ears due to the tight fit of your helmet, we included a Tab that was specifically to reach that are through either the space from your visor (when opened) or from the bottom of your helmet. The thin tab should be able to reach and be able to position your ears correctly. Also note that to optimize the sound quality of the Xsound 3, the speakers need to sit flush and directly on the ears. Sometimes, pending how you pivot the helmet the ear cavities are not aligned properly with your ears and that may also affect your audio experience. In order to benchmark the audio, we recommend that you listen to the helmet speakers on your ears directly prior to installation to have a feel for the sound and volume levels. The Xsound 3 package also includes a key ring for the Helmet Speaker Tab so that it can conveniently double as a great motorcycle key holder. This way you won’t forget to bring it or loose it when you are riding.

Due to global requirements for RoHs compliance, unfortunately, products have a shelf life these days as cables need to be bio degradable. Our headsets are no exception so over time the cable material will break down. This is the same for all wired headsets from Bose or Sony as well.