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Micro Amp

Nearly a decade since introducing the world's first micro amp for portable devices, IASUS Concepts launches their new EAR3 micro amp with the VBS (Variable Background Sound) mode revolutionizing the personal music listening experience for active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Availability: TBA

  • beta stealth shipment

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 04.23.2015

    IASUS STEALTH Testing Completed

    As we wrap up our final testing for our revolutionary Stealth Bluetooth Throat Mic Headset, we would like to thank all our Beta and Pilot testers for their valuable feedback and comments.

    Please see our IASUS Community blog for our plans to put the Stealth into production.

    IASUS Development Team

  • beta stealth shipment

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 09.20.2014

    STEALTH Pilot Program Launches

    The STEALTH development program is the first product IASUS has developed in conjunction with direct feedback from IASUS users. The STEALTH Pilot Program is our limited pre-production sale of test units being offered to select customers for development and evalution purposes.

    The Pilot units have undergone extensive modifications from our beta units. As a result, we have redone the software and programming to incorporate voice command through "SIRI" and "Google now".

    IASUS Development Team

  • beta stealth shipment

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 03.05.2014

    First Look at Stealth Beta

    We would like to thank everyone that submitted an application for the Stealth Beta program. Applications are officially closed now. Prototypes are currently being fabricated and shipped out accordingly. Each unit is handmade by our development team so the process is tedious as we are not in production stage as of yet. The STEALTH is comprised of over 100 individual parts and components. Our target schedule is to have all beta test units shipped out by the end of the following week. Once each unit is shipped, we will be emailing the tracking information along with basic operation instructions and feedback guidelines.

    Thank you for you patience and here are some images of the initial beta units.

    IASUS Development Team

  • beta stealth


    Stealth Bluetooth Throat Mic Beta Launch

    The day has finally come. Preliminary testing of the stealth has just been completed, and our beta testing program units will be issued at the end of February. We are still taking applications and successful candidates will be contacted towards the end of January. The Stealth has taken quite some time to develop but we finally feel the results are up to IASUS standards in both design and performance.

    Please contact info@iasus-concepts.com to join the beta testing program.

    IASUS Development Team

  • stealth-prototype


    Stealth Bluetooth Throat Mic Prototype Images Released

    After the long anticipated wait, here are the official teaser images of our Stealth prototype. This is our first fully functional unit that our R/D team is currently fine tuning for optimized audio performance. The aesthetics and ergonomic design are evolutionary changes from our initial GEN 3 NT3 bluetooth concept. Different in form, yet it maintains the IASUS factor that our customers have grown to recognize as our signature design.

    Further information will be released in our official press release in the following weeks.

    IASUS Development Team

  • stealth-ud1


    Stealth Update

    IASUS Concepts confirms the launch of two versions two different performance specs for the Bluetooth Stealth - MK-3 with Gen 3 transponder and an all new MK-4 with the new Gen 4 transponder.

    Here are some concept images of the STEALTH

    In addition to these two models, IASUS will also be offering a full individually custom built headset system that will use the Gen 4 transponder plus a new revolutionary earpiece that has never been seen before. The lightest and most sophisticated throat mic communication system ever created. More updates coming soon....

  • Announcement Stealth: R&D Update


    Stealth: R&D Update

    The audio performance of our latest prototype has finally reached the level of clarity and background noise elimination that we have been striving for. From the onset of the project, our mission has been to break through the tradional limitations imposed by "muffled voice" and lack of clarity found in most other throat mics. We are very close to the launch of a new Bluetooth throat mic that will appeal to more general users looking for communication solutions.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support in our products and projects.

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