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BMT Throat Mic + XSound 4 Helmet Speaker

Original price was: $358.00.Current price is: $318.00.

The IASUS BMT introduces cutting-edge wireless technology to throat mics. Utilizing Bluetooth 5.2, this fifth-generation device delivers seamless connectivity with today’s digital communication devices, all within a lightweight and compact design for exceptional comfort.

1x BMT Bluetooth 5.2 Throat Mic
1x XSound 4 Helmet Speaker

BMT + XSound 4 Helmet Speaker

$318 ($358)

BMT + XSound 2.1R Helmet Speaker


BMT + IA Earbud x Custom Earmold Kit


BMT + IA Earbuds


BMT + Acoustic Coil Earpiece


BMT Base Unit


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BMT Throat Mic Highlights

Bluetooth 5.2

With all components tucked away inside with a detachable mic/module so it can be quickly interchanged with other helmets. Enjoy a clutter-free ride like never before with the original style of your helmet. 

HD Audio Performance

Enjoy unparalleled sound quality with optional audio out compatibility. Optimized for use with our premium XSound helmet speaker series and the as custom molded earpieces. With a 3.5mm audio Aux out, connect with ease to your preferred audio devices. A2DP and aptX high definition audio profiles. 6 hours of continuous playtime.

Next-Gen Communication

Experience limitless range comms (within cellular network coverage) and connect with up to 3000 users per channel – The future of group communication on the road is now ready for test pilots

Gen 5 Transponder

Designed to excel in the toughest environmental challenges, the IASUS TM Transponder ensures unwavering communication reliability when it matters most. The BMT was created to seamlessly integrate with POC (Push to Talk Over Cellular) applications, as we serve as an official hardware developer for Zello, ES Chat, and Tassta platforms. 

Voice Assistant

Activate voice assistant. Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

Always Find Your Way

Turn by turn navigation with the most popular navigation apps like Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Extraordinary Audio

High quality 2Mbps data transfer rate. 10dB boost with < 0.3% harmonic distortion

Situational Awareness

Stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your favorite tunes, thanks to this technology evolution from our original IASUS helmet amp. Ride smarter, ride safe with peace of mind. 

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