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BLE Wireless PTT

The BLE Wireless Push-to-Talk device is designed to revolutionize the way you connect, communicate, and coordinate, providing instant and reliable communication at your fingertips.

Seamless Connectivity, Instant Communication - Wherever You Go

POC Communication: The Evolution of Push-to-Talk

Experience the power of Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC), a wireless two-way cellular communication system that transcends geographical boundaries. With the ability to communicate globally at the push of a key, our BLE Wireless PTT ensures instant connectivity whenever and wherever you need it.

Push to Talk with Zello and ESChat: Versatility Unleashed

Elevate your communication experience with Zello and ESChat compatibility. Whether you’re driving, racing, going on a driving cruise, or working industrial jobs that demand hands-on attention, our BLE Wireless PTT is your reliable companion.

Demand Instant Connectivity

This versatile product caters to a wide range of professions, making it indispensable for first responders, construction workers, transportation and delivery personnel, truck drivers, service professionals, security personnel, restaurant staff, exhibition and tradeshow organizers, winter sports enthusiasts, and warehouse workers.

zello chat

Bridging Past and Present

Step into the future of communication with Push-to-Talk (PTT) technology. Evolving from the traditional Walkie-Talkie and CB radio methods, our Wireless PTT embraces modernity with apps like Zello and ESChat, ensuring seamless voice transmission and reception.

Limitless Communication

PTT App Integration

Our BLE Wireless PTT seamlessly integrates with PTT applications, combining the best of traditional radio communication with modern PoC technology. Enjoy limitless communication with features like:

  • Unlimited Range
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Smart Device Compatibility
  • Live Voice Playback
  • GPS Location Reporting and
  • Mapping

Device Compatibility

Whether it’s a smartphone or another mobile device, ensure that the PTT app, work tools, and necessary audio accessories are supported. Our BLE Wireless PTT is designed to function flawlessly with a wide range of devices, providing a hassle-free communication experience.

Elevate your communication game with BLE Wireless PTT – where instant connectivity meets limitless possibilities. Communicate smarter, communicate better.

Precision Communication on the Fast Lane

For car enthusiasts engaged in competitive track racing, our BLE Wireless PTT ensures crystal-clear communication with the pit crew and fellow drivers. Navigate the twists and turns of the track with confidence, receiving real-time updates and strategizing with unparalleled precision.
push to talk button for racing

Customer Testimonial

So Easy to Use!
So Easy to Use!
Alex T.
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The BLE PTT is a game-changer for wireless communication! It seamlessly connects with my devices, offering a convenient and efficient way to operate. The design is sleek, and the functionality is top-notch. I highly recommend the BLE PTT to anyone in need of a reliable and easy-to-use wireless push-to-talk solution.
Works as Expected
Works as Expected
Mark N.
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The BLE PTT has proven to be reliable and user-friendly. Its simple interface makes it easy to use, and the wireless connectivity is impressive. Whether I'm on the job or out for a hike, the BLE PTT keeps me connected without any hassle. A solid choice for those seeking a dependable wireless push-to-talk device.
Cool Design and Works Great!
Cool Design and Works Great!
Jason M.
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The BLE PTT is a must-have for team communication! It enhances coordination and efficiency, especially in fast-paced environments. The wireless feature is a game-changer, allowing seamless communication without being tethered to cables. I can't imagine operating without the BLE PTT now—it's an essential tool for my team.
Worked Flawlessly
Worked Flawlessly
Brian D.
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I'm impressed with the BLE PTT's range and connectivity. It maintains a strong connection even in challenging environments. The build quality is sturdy, and the battery life is commendable. While the price is a bit high, the performance justifies the investment. A reliable choice for those who prioritize seamless wireless communication.


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Technical Specifications

+ For Android and iOS
+ Rechargeable battery: 35 days operating time
+ 128-bit encryption security
+ Lightweight with velcro strap
+ Operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C