iasus concepts stealth wireless throat mic header


It has been some time since we launched our STEALTH program and we want to thank everyone that responded with feedback and suggestions.

The primary reason for the delayed launch of the STEALTH was connectivity stability. This was required a complete redesign the STEALTH’s internal architecture from the ground up. It was a new complex wireless interference issue that no one had previously encountered as the STEALTH is a new application for wireless BT technology.

After many design revisions, we finally resolved the issue and the result is fantastic. The quality of the communication with the STEALTH is unparalleled by any throat mic in the world today. In many instances, people do not even realize we are not communicating with a standard headset. Yes it’s that good. Here is a link to voice reference for the new STEALTH.
We are now pleased to offer a special STEALTH preorder purchase price with free shipping.
Note** The ballistic case offer is only available for STEALTH BETA & PILOT Testers

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