Available Now: EAR3 V2 Helmet Amp

iasus concepts helmet amplifier with sena 20s

Available Now Ear3 V2 Helmet Amp


[PERFORMANCE] Transform your helmet speakers to scream with your favorite helmet comm device. **warning. IASUS is not responsible for any hearing damage**

[COMPATIBILITY] Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Most motorcycle comm systems have a 3.5mm audio jack. Make sure that your unit qualifies with this requirement.

[DIMENSIONS] 2.0″ x 1.5″ x 0.8″ (51mm x 37mm x 20mm)

[SPECIFICATIONS] IASUS takes this technology to new heights with a staggering 10dB <0.03% harmonic distortion signal boost of clean power. Built-in lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery can last up to 20 hours per charge.

Kit Includes:
+ EAR3 V2 helmet amp
+ Helmet mount with 3m adhesive sticker
+ Charging cable
+ Extension cable (short – 5 inches)
+ Extension cable (long – 10 inches)
+ Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Offer expired


*Limited time FREE SHIPPING within the United States

“Installed new amp today and it works terrific! First time ever I have had to turn down the volume.. Great job by you guys!”

– Alan, Porsche San Diego

Mask Communication Solutions

iasus concepts throat mic and speaker amplifier kit


Improving Masked Communication during COVID-19

IASUS Throat Mic Headset solution offers clear vocal communication for wearers of N95 and elastomeric masks, full-face respirators and PPE.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, professionals across a diverse range of industries—from first responders and medical professionals to retailers and service providers—have heeded the call to slow the spread of COVID-19 by wearing masks. This simple yet effective measure protects both their health and the community at large, but makes face-to-face, close proximity communication on the job more difficult.

N95 and elastomeric masks, full-face respirators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) muffle vocalizations, forcing wearers to repeat themselves and strain to hear others. This slows communication and sometimes results in misunderstandings at critical moments. In business, miscommunication can impact contracts, client relations, operational efficiency and the bottom line. On the floor of a hospital emergency room, it can impact lives. Knowing this, some mask wearers choose to temporarily remove their face coverings to ensure clarity when speaking, but that defeats the purpose.

Thankfully, IASUS Concepts has developed a solution: The IASUS Throat Mic Headset for close proximity communication.

First, consider a standard microphone. Standard microphones are positioned near the mouth in order to pick up and amplify voice airflow pathways. Speech through a mask is inevitably muffled, but airflow impacts volume. Surgical and cloth masks reduce airflow to prevent the spread of aerosols, while PPE, N95 and elastomeric masks restrict airflow to protect the user. As a result, the reduced or restricted airflow cannot be accurately detected by a standard mic.

To get around this problem, the IASUS Throat Mic Headset bypasses airflow as a medium for sound transference altogether. Using an adjustable neck strap, the Headset mic is placed directly in contact with the wearer’s throat where it picks up vibrations from the larynx. These vibrations are converted into audio which is then amplified and projected through a custom portable PA speaker.

This cutting-edge technology improves the safety and clarity of close proximity communication for those who are working to keep our economies and essential services afloat. The Headset enables wearers of surgical and standard cloth or disposable masks to be heard clearly without raising their voice, which reduces the build-up of moisture within the mask allowing for extended use. More importantly, it ensures that those wearing more restrictive PPE, N95, and elastomeric masks can be properly understood.

Says Kevin Martinez, a medical doctor from Scottsdale, Arizona, and Throat Mic Headset user, “I never have to take off my respirator and the mic works perfectly. All of my ER colleagues are impressed with how amazing it works. I’m recommending the mic kit to all of my ER doctors. IASUS has made an exceptional product that is essential, in my opinion, during this pandemic.”

iasus concepts throat mic and speaker amplifier kit

IASUS Throat Mic Headset System

$159   Available for immediate delivery

Package includes:

  • IASUS GP3-R throat mic
  • Speaker with rechargeable battery
iasus concepts throat mic and speaker amplifier kit
iasus concepts throat mic and speaker amplifier kit


IASUS Concepts is a product design and engineering company with a business unit that provides headset communication solutions for extreme communications. With over 15 years of expertise in throat mic technology and helmet audio for high speed helmet communication applications, IASUS continues to innovate and evolve for 2020.


IASUS Concepts
Camille Lucas

Released November 10, 2020

Healthcare Workers and First Responders Communication Solution

iasus concepts throat mic and speaker amplifier kit



With the rise of COVID-19 and the increased requirements for N95 masks, elastomeric masks and full faced respirator protection, critical communication has become a major issue as the restricted air masks limit voice and sound. Even when face to face, communication is ineffective.

IASUS GP3-R throat mic paired with Philips portable speaker provides a simple and effective solution to support the work of our medical teams.

Available for Shipping now!

iasus concepts throat mic and speaker kit philips
iasus concepts throat mic and speaker kit
iasus concepts ten-4 respiratory elastomeric mask n95 communciation solution

“The mic kit arrived amazing fast and I have been using it the in emergency department. I never have to take off my respirator and the mic works perfectly. All my ED colleagues are impressed with how amazing it works. I am recommending the mic kit to all of my ER doctors. You guys have made an exceptional product that is essential in my opinion in this pandemic. Additionally IASUS concepts has amazing customer service.”

– Kevin Martinez (Emergency Medicine Physician in Scottsdale, Arizona)


6h Talk Time


102 x 75 x 27.5 mm
4″ x 1″ x 3″


Designed to be washed

IASUS STEALTH, Custom Critical Communication Headset Solution

iasus concepts first responder doctor communication



With the rise of COVID-19 and the increased requirements for N95 masks and full faced respirator protection, critical communication has become a major issue as the restricted air masks limit voice and sound. Even when face to face communication is ineffective when air flow is contained.

iasus concepts stealth bluetooth 5 throat mic
iasus concepts throat mic communication with zello push to talk application
iasus concepts sonim cleaning covid

We highly recommend the STEALTH to be used with the Sonim XP series Ultra series mobile phones.

These are rated at IP68 and can be thoroughly disinfected with Iso propyl alcohol or other sanitizing agents.

For optimal audio clarity, we recommend using Skype for full duplex communication (up to 50 users),

Zello (7000 users) and ES Chat (255 users) for 2 way communication.

Sonim and IASUS Concepts Team Up

iasus concepts sonim headset adaptor


Sonim and IASUS Concepts Team Up to Launch Advanced and Customizable, Wireless and Wired Throat Microphones for XP8 and XP5s

Handsfree Mobile Solution Helps Public Safety and Frontline Workers Stand Up to COVID-19

San Mateo, Calif. (April 22, 2020) — Sonim Technologies (Nasdaq: SONM) and IASUS Concepts have teamed up to provide public safety and frontline workers battling COVID-19 with a complete hands-free communications experience on Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s handsets.

“With the increased use of PPE in public safety and healthcare due to COVID-19, hands-free communications solutions are essential to help frontline workers make it through the day,” said Tom Wilkinson, CEO, Sonim Technologies. “This combined with the ability to thoroughly and properly disinfect your mobile devices and accessories is essential to reduce the spread of this virus and other pathogens.”

The IASUS STEALTH Bluetooth Throat Microphone is the world’s first and most advanced of its kind. Unlike regular microphones, throat mic’s convert audio signals from vibrations on the neck, which make it the ideal communication system when wearing full-face and N95-rated respirators. The microphone has a fully modular system with a variety of headset options and a special “lights out” STEALTH mode for tactical missions. It can also be safely and quickly released from neck.

With the SNIPER PRO II Heavy Duty Wired Throat Microphones, first responders can communicate handsfree with integrated Push-to-Talk (PTT) support on the XP8 and XP5s, while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). The large dome PTT button can be worn under clothing or protective gear and activated easily with gloves. For more precise PTT control, there is an optional finger PTT that can be fitted inside the glove for quick access and virtual “handsfree” activation.  Both PTT options were designed to be used without compromising the ability to use both hands simultaneously, ideal for tactical and mission critical operations.

The STEALTH PRO II like the STEALTH, also enables communication when wearing full faced and N95 respirator masks, now standard issue to all EMS and medical workers.

Following are key features demonstrating compatibility with Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s:

  • Sonim’s SecureAudio interface allows the SNIPER PRO II Wired Throat Microphone to be physically secured to and powered by the XP8 and XP5s, features that are only found on Sonim devices.
  • Ability to pair the STEALTH Wireless Throat Microphone via Bluetooth 5.0 BLE to XP8/XP5s.
  • Fully charged, the IASUS/Sonim solution enables 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby.

The current Coronavirus outbreak is making mobile hygiene critical to frontline workers. To minimize the risk of contamination, Sonim devices and the STEALTH and SNIPER PRO II microphones can be rigorously cleaned and sanitized with bleach and isopropyl alcohol as needed.

“IASUS is pleased to be an official accessory partner of Sonim,” said Carl Foo, managing director, IASUS Concepts. “Sonim products are engineered for extreme communication conditions as are IASUS bespoke headsets. Combining the two creates the perfect ultra-duty total solution.”

For more information on Sonim ultra-rugged devices, visit: www.sonimtech.com. To see the IASUS throat microphones and Sonim devices in action, click here.


About Sonim

Sonim Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged mobility solutions designed specifically for task workers physically engaged in their work environments, often in mission-critical roles. The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged mobile phones, a suite of industrial-grade accessories, and data and workflow applications which are collectively designed to increase worker productivity, communication and safety on the job site. Please visit https://sonimtech.com/.


IASUS Concepts is a product design and engineering company with a business unit that provides headset communication solutions for extreme communications. With over 15 years of experience of creating bespoke custom headsets for critical communications, we have developed a complete line of products that are modular in design, to encompass a wide scope of accessories and configurations.

Media Contacts

Sue Huss

Marcus Li


Source: https://www.sonimtech.com/about/news/sonim-and-iasus-concepts-team-up-to-launch-advanced-and-customizable-wireless-and-wired-throat-microphones-for-xp8-and-xp5s/

Medical / First Responder Priority of the STEALTH

iasus concepts first responder priority throat mic communication


Due to limited quantities of the STEALTH, IASUS is prioritizing sales for Medical and First Responders at this time. Please contact us at corporatesales@iasus-concepts.com to reserve your order as soon as possible.

IASUS REKON, The Next Level Helmet Communication Solution for 2020

iasus concepts rekon comm system open


IASUS REKON, The Next Level Helmet Communication Solution for 2020

April 1, 2020 — IASUS Concepts LTD., the team that developed the outstanding audio of the XSOUND 3 helmet speaker, now introduces the complete ultimate audio helmet experience with the new IASUS REKON wireless smartphone interface.

Crafted from steel, glass and fine polished aluminium, the REKON design was inspired by luxury timepieces to project an individual statement beyond any other electronic device in the world. Countless hours of development to craft the perfect rider to smartphone interface. A minimal purpose-design with no compromises to perfect a rider experience with today’s current technology.

Peer to Peer technology currently used by other helmet communication companies is outdated, complicated to configure, and requires direct line of sight to work. Developed for close proximity or wide open areas, riders in the city or on mountain canyons, easily find connection is very limited. The IASUS REKON was designed to work with the leading providers of push to talk on cellular (POC) companies (Zello, ES Chat). This technology operates with smartphone-based apps via cellular networks, capable of connecting up to 6000 users on one channel and offering an unlimited-range communication between riders. The REKON interface is also compatible with WhatsApp, Line, Kaokao, WeChat and other voice communication platforms. The REKON – Next level of riding communication experience.

The REKON operates on Bluetooth 5.0 low energy power management system, which delivers an unprecedented 250 hours of standby with 10 hours of operation time. Hi-def aptX and ADP2 wireless audio formats when combined with the XSOUND 3 helmet speaker deliver the absolute premium helmet audio experience.

The new IASUS REKON, defining the standard for a new era of motorcycle helmet communication and audio.

*Available Spring 2020.
*release date may be affected by Covid-19



IASUS Concepts is a product design and engineering company with a business unit that provides headset communication solutions for extreme communications. With over 15 years of expertise in throat mic technology and helmet audio for high speed helmet communication applications, IASUS continues to innovate and evolve for 2020.


Camille Lukas

View original content to download multimedia: https://iasus-concepts.com/iasus-rekon-the-next-level-helmet-communication-solution-for-2020/

Released April 1, 2020

Official STEALTH Launch Pre-Order

iasus concepts stealth wireless throat mic header


It has been some time since we launched our STEALTH program and we want to thank everyone that responded with feedback and suggestions.

The primary reason for the delayed launch of the STEALTH was connectivity stability. This was required a complete redesign the STEALTH’s internal architecture from the ground up. It was a new complex wireless interference issue that no one had previously encountered as the STEALTH is a new application for wireless BT technology.

After many design revisions, we finally resolved the issue and the result is fantastic. The quality of the communication with the STEALTH is unparalleled by any throat mic in the world today. In many instances, people do not even realize we are not communicating with a standard headset. Yes it’s that good. Here is a link to voice reference for the new STEALTH.
We are now pleased to offer a special STEALTH preorder purchase price with free shipping.
Note** The ballistic case offer is only available for STEALTH BETA & PILOT Testers

Announcement: Pre-Order Harley Davidson Adaptor


Due to repeated customer requests,  IASUS will be launching a Harley Davidson Adaptor for our NT3 and GP3 series throat mic headsets at the end of June.  Specific details will be released shortly but it will be made with a heavy duty kevlar reinforced coiled cable and quality you expect from IASUS.

iasus concepts gp3-r throat mic harley davidson pre-order

Limited quantities available: Pre-order the Harley Davidson Adaptor below!

Harley Davidson Adaptor $49

1 Harley Davidson Adaptor
Free Shipping for all US orders

*Throat mic and helmet speakers sold separately
**Compatible with IASUS specific throat mic series (NT3, NT3-R, NT3 BK2, NT3-R BK2, GP3 & GP3-R).

Offer Expired

IASUS Announces New XSound 2.1

iasus concepts xsound 2.1 helmet speaker


Original post on IASUS Concepts Corporate Site: https://iasus-concepts.com/press-release-feature-on-webbikeworld-com/

IASUS Announces New XSound 2.1 Helmet Speakers

Contact: Lindsey Page



Fall 2015-This week IASUS Concepts launched a 2.1 version of their outstanding XSound 2 helmet speaker. Due to responses from loyal XSound 2 users who would like us to continue producing an affordable helmet speaker for their daily commute or spirited rides, IASUS has responded with the XSound 2.1. Although it shares the same basic audio design construction of its predecessor, the XSound 2.1 has been reengineered to maintain performance while reducing the cost so that we can maintain the price point where anyone can afford.

Some new features for the XSound 2.1 are a new improved steel chassis with reinforced cable connector for more durability and also environmentally friendly cables and extension. Sound quality is still excellent and our new helmet speaker has been rated to work with most 3rd party Bluetooth intercom systems that use a standard 3.5mm output jack. The XSound 2.1 is the smart affordable upgrade to improve your helmet audio experience.

Designed specifically for Motorcycle riding, Snowmobile, Snowboarding, Skiing, and other helmet-based activities. The XSound 2.1 is still provides a fantastic audio experience while maintaining its original price.

Available in matte black, the XSound 2.1 comes with standard foam covers but can use the same optional covers as the XSound 3 system. Compatible with iPod, iPhone, smartphones, and any portable media player with a 3.5mm audio port, the XSound 2.1 Helmet Speakers are available now from IASUS Concepts authorized resellers with a MSRP of $49.99 USD.

If you would like to request a review sample or more information, please contact IASUS Concepts at info@iasus-concepts.com.