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BLE Wireless Dual PTT (6-Pack)

6x BLE Wireless PTT (IABTB-PTT)

Compatible with:


+ For Android and iOS
+ Rechargeable battery – 35 days operating time
+ 128-bit encryption security
+ Lightweight with velcro strap
+ Operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C

BLE Wireless PTT


BLE Wireless Dual PTT


BLE Wireless PTT
6 Pack


BLE Wireless Dual PTT 6 Pack


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Boost team communication using the Bluetooth PTT 6-Pack

Equip your team with the Bluetooth PTT 6-Pack, tailored for professionals requiring synchronized and uninterrupted communication. This bundle ensures every team member stays connected with top-tier audio clarity and reliability.

Designed for the Professional

  • Consistent Connectivity: Maintains strong links across all devices.
  • Easy Integration: Compatible with a wide range of communication gear.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand tough work environments.

The user-centric design facilitates quick access to communication tools, enhancing teamwork and productivity. Its streamlined operation allows users to communicate effectively, reducing downtime and boosting operational efficiency.

At IASUS Concepts, we commit to advancing communication technologies. Our Bluetooth PTT 6-Pack is at the forefront of these innovations, designed to support professionals in achieving their best. Equip your team with IASUS and transform how you connect and collaborate.

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