Webbikeworld | IASUS REKON With XSound 3 Headset Review

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Reviewed by Bruce Cole at Webbikework

Source: https://www.webbikeworld.com/iasus-rekon-helmet-bluetooth-system/

The IASUS REKON system is a personal helmet-based communication system designed to provide a wireless interface between the user and compatible paired smart devices that provide a host of communication and audio capabilities. And, when paired with a helmet audio headset, like the IASUS XSound 3, the user gets superb helmet audio to boot.

Designed to provide (and satisfy) both form and function, the IASUS REKON components are small and precisely designed with bespoke aluminum components and a tempered glass face with backlighting. Everything is assembled and functions like a fine watch or precision instrument while also designed for long life and robust duty under difficult conditions.

The installation layout of the pieces has the small round rotating bezel control piece secured onto an adhesive round base on the outer front centre of the helmet shell, with the larger but flatter base unit mounted on the opposite (inside) location.

This positioning is the preferred ‘ideal’ although there is some flexibility in positioning of the two components, especially where helmet design and real estate issues are present (see Installation Section below) and in considering the best microphone input by the user.

A short flex-coil harness joins the round control and shaped base module. As its name implies, the base module also hosts the short 3.5mm audio connection lead and a flush-mount magnetic power connector. The direct input microphone input sits centred on the rider-side of the module.

The control module has one primary control, with a central red push button and two secondary controls activated when the outer bezel is rotated left or right; a simple precision engineered solution that works.

Webbikeworld | IASUS Stealth Bluetooth Throat Microphone

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Reviewed by Bruce Cole at Webbikework

Source: https://www.webbikeworld.com/iasus-stealth-throat-microphone/

The IASUS Stealth Throat Microphone Headset System featuring Bluetooth 5.0 BLE is a new product in pre-release from a company that continues to set the standards for throat microphone performance and customization.

It is arguably the industry’s first completely wireless modular system making it suitable and adaptable for an even wider range of professional and personal applications than anything before or currently on the market.

Over the years wBW has followed with interest the audio offerings from IASUS, like the IASUS Diablo Mobile Amp, the IASUS EAR3 Amplifier, or the original and superb IASUS XSound3 Speakers, along with other products adaptable to motorcycle use, including IASUS Throat Microphone products that I have used extensively over many years.

Based on BT 5.0 with BLE, the Stealth product is a wireless interface that when used with one of its audio output options (acoustic coil, noise isolation earbuds, helmet speakers, or headset) and paired to a BT equipped smart device becomes a versatile body-worn personal communications capability – work or leisure focused.

It is uniquely styled and functions like a hand-crafted piece, attributes synonymous to IASUS, while providing a rugged (IP66 Ingress Protected rated) and versatile solution to a host of communication-based requirements.

XSound 3 Helmet Speaker Review by 2 Wheeled Rider

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In this video I check out the iAsus Xsound 3 helmet speakers with my Sena 10S headset to see how much better they are than the stock speakers. If you are interested in picking up a set check out the link below. Visit 2 Wheeled Rider’s YouTube Channel

IASUS XSound 3 Helmet Speaker Review by Cruiseman’s Garage

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Cruiseman’s Garage is a video production company that specializes in motorcycle maintenance and aftermarket accessory installation videos. Our maintenance video series for the Honda Goldwing is in use by thousands of Goldwing owners in more than 17 countries worldwide. For more information on Cruiseman’s maintenance videos for the 2001 to 2018+ Honda Goldwing, go to http://cruisemansgarage.com

PRESS RELEASE: Helmet Speaker Unboxed

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Best Motorcycle Helmet Headphones 2016

What could make riding a motorcycle more fun than it already is? Cranking up your favorite music while you ride! But how are going to fit a pair of headphones underneath a motorcycle helmet?

It’s easier than you might think. There are a wide variety of specially made motorcycle helmet headphones on the market, in a variety of styles and with a variety of extra features. We’ve scoured the market to find you a pair that will give you better sound on your motorcycle than any car stereo you’ve ever heard.

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The IASUS GP3X2 helmet headset system is an extremely viable solution for those who do not need, or want all the latest bells ‘n’ whistles — wired or wireless.

Well designed and well made, each component complements the other, forming a very functional system with impressive audio quality.

The minor observations with the system can be easily addressed.

Expanding the current line of adapters and interface cables to support popular hub-oriented wired and even wireless helmet communications systems could project the product into the motorcycling mainstream…

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The IASUS “Diablo” Mobile Amp increases the volume available from an electronic device such as an MP3 player or radio.

It can pump up the volume by 50% with a 15 dB boost, so be careful — you can damage your hearing and ruin your earbuds at the same time!…

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PRESS RELEASE: Feature on Redwolf Airsoft

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Following up from the Sniper Pro throat mic sets, IASUS concepts have released this new NT3 version, the Black Ops 2 throat mic system. Still using the transponder technology IASUS have taken in feedbacks from the previous models, renovating from the ground up and thus creating this NT3 system into a lighter, better performing and easier to use piece of equipment.

Initial impressions:
So it comes in a plain brown box just like most AEGs or GBBs would these days, it does however make itself distinctive by its labeling. It features a posh adhesive label for the throat mic, the sort of posh adhesive label you would expect your sports car brochures to come with. The type that just sticks on something and stays there and not easily weathered away. Upon opening the box, you will notice your Black Ops2 headset sitting comfortably in a purpose built display case, OK, I do confess. It’s just a shaped foam slot to protect the item during transit and to keep the throat mic in its intended shape during storage but it does look good for presentation as you open the box. As you take it out of its box, the strap will probably attract some attention because of its quick detach features. The Black Ops2 uses a square magnet clipping onto a metal plate with a square recess, completely erasing the problems other alternatives have had with clips or adjustable buckles or uncomfortable Velcro straps. Furthermore, the weight of the Black Ops2 only weighs 44grammes! With less than 50g worth of plastic and metal around your neck, you might need to use a transceiver with fm radio functions to remind you that you’re still wearing this neck band. What makes this different to the other designs is that it’s 99% black, reducing the visibility of the neck band. This includes the acoustic coil and the ear piece which are also black. What can be covered with black is pretty much in black, although the silicone strap could have been in black to make this system completely black but it is only a minor factor…

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PRESS RELEASE: Feature on Slash Gear

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If you are always on the go and wearing headphones that might not offer you the kind of power you want from your music, IASUS has a new amp for mobile use that will increase the power of any headphones. The mobile amp is called the IASUS Diablo Mobile Amp. The little thing may be perfect for folks that ride motorcycles and need more power to hear clearly when riding.

The Diablo amp is a limited edition device that is very small and has no power cap. The original Diablo had a power cap for use with ear buds. The downside to no power cap for ear bud wearers is that the limited edition amp can break ear buds with too much power. The device also claims that it can improve the battery life of mobile media devices by as much as 50%.

The amp has a machined volume knob and a metallic red casing with LED charge indicator light. It has an internal rechargeable battery good for up to 20 hours per charge and charges via USB. The amp also has dual output so you can share the music with two people. The device will sell for $99 and will ship on November 25.

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Can you hear me now? IASUS’s GP3-X2 Noise Terminator helmet audio system—comprising a flexible, vibration-transmitting Throat Mic, high-fidelity speakers and in-glove-finger push-to-talk control module—is claimed to be the “only truly effective motorcycle-specific mobile-communications solution available.” No charging, pairing or modifications to the inside or outside of the helmet are required. The GP3-X2 ($127) is compatible with all phones that have 2.5- or 3.5mm jacks, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia models.

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