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Following up from the Sniper Pro throat mic sets, IASUS concepts have released this new NT3 version, the Black Ops 2 throat mic system. Still using the transponder technology IASUS have taken in feedbacks from the previous models, renovating from the ground up and thus creating this NT3 system into a lighter, better performing and easier to use piece of equipment.

Initial impressions:
So it comes in a plain brown box just like most AEGs or GBBs would these days, it does however make itself distinctive by its labeling. It features a posh adhesive label for the throat mic, the sort of posh adhesive label you would expect your sports car brochures to come with. The type that just sticks on something and stays there and not easily weathered away. Upon opening the box, you will notice your Black Ops2 headset sitting comfortably in a purpose built display case, OK, I do confess. It’s just a shaped foam slot to protect the item during transit and to keep the throat mic in its intended shape during storage but it does look good for presentation as you open the box. As you take it out of its box, the strap will probably attract some attention because of its quick detach features. The Black Ops2 uses a square magnet clipping onto a metal plate with a square recess, completely erasing the problems other alternatives have had with clips or adjustable buckles or uncomfortable Velcro straps. Furthermore, the weight of the Black Ops2 only weighs 44grammes! With less than 50g worth of plastic and metal around your neck, you might need to use a transceiver with fm radio functions to remind you that you’re still wearing this neck band. What makes this different to the other designs is that it’s 99% black, reducing the visibility of the neck band. This includes the acoustic coil and the ear piece which are also black. What can be covered with black is pretty much in black, although the silicone strap could have been in black to make this system completely black but it is only a minor factor…

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